Bringing transparency to your factory floor

We connect your factory machinery, regardless of supplier, production year, or software, to provide you with a real-time overview of your factory’s operations - from anywhere.

No more loss of efficiency due to missing data

The components of a production facility are often heterogeneous; machines and sensors come from various suppliers, were manufactured at different times and run on different software versions. This makes access to the data of these machines considerably more difficult. Most industry 4.0 solutions on the market are costly and difficult to set up.

This is where Antreeb comes in. 


Machine with SPS or signal lamp for indication of machine states

IoT Data Extractor

Monitoring — Plattform

Any additional data sources,
e.g. sensors

The shop floor monitoring system entails the following:

You can easily, locally or remotely, get a real-time overview of your machine park - regardless the construction year, provider, or software.

Live overview on machine states

You get insight into historical data per machine and can compare for efficiency among multiple.

Detailed machine level data

Alarm distribution system

You get notified on machine malfunctions or downtimes which enables timely response times.

At the core of our product development are your factory and its requirements. 

This is also why the main set of features is expandable by further functionalities - relevant to you.

More data sources

You already have sensors installed in your factory or are interested in further ones? Antreeb can easily be extended with additional data sources.

Analytics reports

You get insights into your individual datasets and can simply download those for further analyses - enabled through a standardized data format collection.

3rd party integration

You have BI tools already in use? Just connect them to Antreeb and get insights into your data, easily accessible through the Antreeb dashboard. 

The digital control room 
your factory

What distinguishes Antreeb

Low, one-time cost and immediate usability

Easy to install - no calibration or internal data experts required

Connects to any machine with PLC or beacon and provides standardized data acquisition and visualization through an intuitive and pre-defined dashboard.

Short iteration cycles due to direct contact with the Antreeb product team




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